Baran, Recording Artist born in ─░zmir Turkey, began his music career at around the age of fifteen as the vocalist for M.U.G., one of Izmir’s underground hardcore rock bands. After finishing university and the band’s disbandment, he continued his musical adventures on his own. When his dreams of pursuing his education in music fell through, he was thrown into the world of white-collar workers, where he still continues to grind.

Never taking a break from recording and his musical development, with the awareness of reaching middle age, Baran embarked on a search for a unique sound of his own. This search led to the birth of the “baranoid” project, a fusion of the alternative metal craze he was exposed to in his youth and the longing for Turkish brought on by living abroad. The project takes shape in Baran’s mind during the day and in his studio in the evenings. This fluctuation between his professional life and the craftsmanship naturally reflects in the themes of his songs.

Despite adopting a laissez-faire attitude of “those who wish to listen may, and those who don’t, need not”, this stance is actually a defense mechanism stemming from the artist’s sensitivities. To make his musical journey more meaningful and to avoid feeling alone on this path, he definitely needs the presence of people who support him.